Sunday, September 21, 2008

dailies 9/14-9/20.

so recently in the dailies-making process, i forgot how to count and i made a few this week that are aren't so much square. forgive me. here is the week:

sunday, september 14th: "i have the guts, but will i actually use them?"
monday, september 15th: "there's that 'doors close, windows open' cliche, but it just feels like everything's locked."
tuesday, september 16th: "falling apart at the seams."
wednesday, september 17th: "i still can't tell if they're laughing at or with me."
thursday, september 18th: "enough minute changes to throw everything off."
friday, september 19th: "the music distracted me from the fact that i didn't do what i was supposed to do."
saturday, september 20th: "i have recently been falling asleep the instant i get into bed--if only i could get there."

i have obscene amounts of work to upload, but due to the work-making, there has been less time for the work-blogging. to come, i swear.

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