Sunday, October 30, 2011

dailies 10/23-10/30 (OOPS PROFANITY).

dailies! busy!
(sunday, october 23rd)
(monday, october 24th)
 (tuesday, october 25th)
 (wednesday, october 26th)
 (thursday, october 27th)
 (friday, october 28th)
(saturday, october 29th)

that is all.

have a great week, everybody.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

dailies 10/16-10/22.

after one long-ass week, here are the dailies!
 (sunday, october 16th)
 (monday, october 17th)
 (tuesday, october 18th)
 (wednesday, october 19th)
 (thursday, october 20th)
 (friday, october 21st)
(saturday, october 22nd)

still run-run-running to catch up with everything after such a crazy week; here's hoping that things settle down this week--- have a good one, everybody! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

dailies 10/9-10/15.

another busy week, another busy weekend! here are this week's dailies:

(sunday, october 9th)
 (monday, october 10th)
 (tuesday, october 11th)

 (wednesday, october 12th)

 (thursday, october 13th)

 (friday, october 14th)

(saturday, october 15th)

i wish i had more time to be chatty and adorable, but i am presenting this week at the maryland art education association conference and i have much work to do before i'm ready! one exciting announcement: i will be selling my work again this year at mica's art market in december! but more on that later... have a great week, everybody! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

dailies 10/2-10/8.

the dailies are clocking in a little later than usual, but are still here! take a look:

 (sunday, october 2nd)
 (monday, october 3rd)
 (tuesday, october 4th)
 (wednesday, october 5th)
 (thursday, october 6th)
 (friday, october 7th)
(saturday, october 8th)

have a great week, everybody!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

dailies 9/25-10/1.

some speedy end-of-the-day dailies as i jet off to prepare for an observed lesson first thing tomorrow morning! this was a off-beat week, with jury duty and rosh hashana (aka no school) sandwiched among teaching days.

(sunday, september 25th)
(monday, september 26th)
 (tuesday, september 27th)
 (wednesday, september 28th)
 (thursday, september 29th)
 (friday, september 30th)
(saturday, october 1st)

things i learned at jury duty: 
1) it costs $11 a day to park in baltimore city
2) dreamboats adam scott and michael vartan were both in monster-in-law, quite possibly the worst movie ever made (what a waste)
3) no one ever mispronounces your name when it's "juror 453"

have a great week, everybody!