Sunday, October 2, 2011

dailies 9/25-10/1.

some speedy end-of-the-day dailies as i jet off to prepare for an observed lesson first thing tomorrow morning! this was a off-beat week, with jury duty and rosh hashana (aka no school) sandwiched among teaching days.

(sunday, september 25th)
(monday, september 26th)
 (tuesday, september 27th)
 (wednesday, september 28th)
 (thursday, september 29th)
 (friday, september 30th)
(saturday, october 1st)

things i learned at jury duty: 
1) it costs $11 a day to park in baltimore city
2) dreamboats adam scott and michael vartan were both in monster-in-law, quite possibly the worst movie ever made (what a waste)
3) no one ever mispronounces your name when it's "juror 453"

have a great week, everybody! 

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