Sunday, September 25, 2011

dailies 9/18-9/24.

fall came for a brief moment, and then we were whisked right back into hot, sticky summer, in spite of my desperate pleas for cooler weather and with it, hot coffee, breezy walks, and sweaters, scarves, and boots.
 (sunday, september 18th)
 (monday, september 19th)
 (tuesday, september 20th)
 (wednesday, september 21st)
 (thursday, september 22nd)
 (friday, september 23rd)
(saturday, september 24th)

on friday night, despite the endless rain that has been saddling baltimore, i went to see fleet foxes and the walkmen at merriweather post pavilion. and IT WAS AWESOME. decked out in my finest (mismatched) rain gear that left me looking like some sort of hobo-flasher hybrid, i nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed myself. they put on a spectacular show. listen to their song "lorelai" below:

 Fleet Foxes - Lorelai .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
have a great week everybody! 

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