Sunday, September 4, 2011

dailies 8/28-9/3.

i was lucky enough to ease back into the school year with a three-day week and a three day weekend! what a way to go back to work. this year started off *much* smoother than the last, and i am really excited to work more closely with the eighth grade students this year.

 (sunday, august 28th)
  (monday, august 29th)
  (tuesday, august 30th)
  (wednesday, august 31st)
 (thursday, september 1st)
 (friday, september 2nd)
(saturday, september 3rd)

i have high hopes for continuing my life as a real adult human this year, rather than just a lesson-planning robot. if this week is any indication, i am on the right track. i hope everyone else enjoys their long weekend too! have a great week. 

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