Sunday, September 11, 2011

dailies 9/4-9/10.

here are the dailies, rounding out a long holiday-weekend with a free screening of bridesmaids, which s just so good, and now joining you after traveling with me on a whirlwind 36-hour trip down to south carolina for a good friend's wedding (which was beautiful and a great time). i am such a freaking jet-setter.

 (sunday, september 4th)
  (monday, september 5th)
  (tuesday, september 6th)
  (wednesday, september 7th)
  (thursday, september 8th)
  (friday, september 9th)
 (saturday, september 10th)

i'm super-snoozy since the wedding went late into the night and i got up at 4 this morning to go to the airport. not my best planned adventure in the first place, plus it was punctuated by the fact that, upon arrival to the greenville airport, the southwest counter was closed. as in, no humans, no self-service, no nothing, and it stayed that way for almost an hour before we could check-in, go through security, and most importantly, get coffee. 

alright, enough whining--- have a great week, everybody! 

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