Sunday, January 31, 2010

dailies 1/24-1/30.

daily time! i must be brief-- so many lessons to plan and write and prep and teach! good thing it's awesome.
sunday, january 24: "a time-lapse photo of me today would be super-boring."

monday, january 25: "sometimes, talking to yourself just doesn't cut it."

tuesday, january 26: "the state of my hair really did affect the tone of my day."

wednesday, january 27th: "my life just got simpler."

thursday, january 28: "it's too soon to feel so overwhelmed."

friday, january 29: "i sometimes make decisions about how to spend the flexible parts of my day based on who i might run into."
saturday, january 30th: "making things the most difficult."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

dailies 1/17-1/23.

hey, it's daily time! this week was hand-tastic, for whatever reason. sometimes it happens. i like hands.

sunday, january 17th: "imma dress like a grown-up."

monday, january 18th: "i hate feeling helpless."

tuesday, january 19th: "she really does know exactly how i feel."

wednesday, january 20th: "i didn't know you could fall in love this fast."

thursday, january 21st: "i like to think it's a mutual give and take."

friday, january 22nd: "the perfect fit: like goldilocks' bed, cinderella's glass slipper kind of perfect."

saturday, january 23rd: "i really need to start finishing my thoughts."

also, i just have to say that i love student teaching. WOW it's awesome. i am so busy, but i am so excited. wish me luck with my first lessons this week! and stay tuned for more dailies!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

dailies: 1/10-1/16.

dailies, dailies everywhere! in a perfect world, i could upload these more frequently than once a week. we'll see if i can pull that off sometime in the near future (which is to imply that i will have MORE time to blog during student teaching, a hilarious, hilarious joke), but for now, here's this past week's daily illustrations:

sunday, january 10th: "WOW dailies i've missed you."

monday, january 11th: "our computers can be friends like we are."

tuesday, january 12th: "occupying my hands doesn't prevent me from hyper-ventilating."

wednesday, january 13th: "good talks bring me closer to you."

thursday, january 14th: "keeping secrets almost makes me feel guiltier than telling them."

friday, january 15th: "'the planets are not aligned.' 'the planets hate me.'"

saturday, january 16th: "i really want to find my person."

Monday, January 11, 2010

nomadic playlist: "transatlantique" by beirut

remember this? the nomadic playlist? the book that travels and illustrates a track in an ongoing, collaborative mixtape with this guy? a long time ago, i did this spread and forgot to post it! i have been remiss! but here it is now... you forgive me, right?

it's illustrating  "transatlantique" by beirut, a sneaky but wonderful track off their elephant gun ep. i love beirut so very much.

when i get the book back and add the next song, i will be very prompt with the sharing, i swear.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

welcome home: dailies 2010 happy new year MEGA-POST!

as promised to myself and the interwebs (possibly the more likely of the two to hold me accountable), i have restarted the daily illustrations for 2010, this time in full, glorious color. they're bigger (literally, 4-inch squares, instead of 3)! they're better (hopefully also a literalism)! and best of all, they're here! since we started the new year in the middle-ish of a week, today we have a super-bonus post with all the 2010 dailies thus far.

friday, january 1st: "nice to meet you, 2010."

saturday, january 2nd: "i didn't speak a single word aloud today."

sunday, january 3rd: "i forgot how lonely an empty house can be."

monday, january 4th: "mmm, tastes like BOTULISM."

tuesday, january 5th: "i made a plan for the whole day, and then didn't follow it at all."

wednesday, january 6th: "new york city is one giant photo op."

thursday, january 7th: "watched the two best pups wait exceedingly patiently for treats, only for the littler one to snatch them all up."

friday, january 8th: "cooking all of these things simultaneously blew a fuse in my kitchen."

saturday, january 9th: "getting things in the mail that i already opened on christmas is basically the exact same amount of exciting."

hooray dailies! i've missed you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

book sleuth mega-post: the rest!

happy new year! to ring in 2010, here are the rest of the book sleuth spreads, for the view from saturday, by e.l. konigsburg, a wrinkle in time by madeline l'engle, and the wednesday wars by gary d. schmidt.

the super-blitz is partially since the suspense has been sneaky-style alleviated-- i recently updated the real heart-sleeve studio with my recent work, book sleuth included. head over there now to see the updates!

in resolution-town, in an effort to keep things organized and catch-up on life (better late than never, right?), i have officially made the switch to both google chrome and mac osx snow leopard and so far, so good! i am also re-starting the dailies in a new form: each day will be based on a song i hear/listen to that day. hooray! even more exciting, these dailies are mixed media and full color. stay tuned to see the dailies burst back onto the scene in 2010! take care, everybody.