Monday, January 11, 2010

nomadic playlist: "transatlantique" by beirut

remember this? the nomadic playlist? the book that travels and illustrates a track in an ongoing, collaborative mixtape with this guy? a long time ago, i did this spread and forgot to post it! i have been remiss! but here it is now... you forgive me, right?

it's illustrating  "transatlantique" by beirut, a sneaky but wonderful track off their elephant gun ep. i love beirut so very much.

when i get the book back and add the next song, i will be very prompt with the sharing, i swear.


Tyler Parker said...

Oh dear. Is this my reminder that I need to do this because I'm super awful and still have the book in my possession and have can't decide on a song to include.

alissandra seelaus said...

it's mostly a "oh damn i've neglected my blog for months and need to not be a jerk and post things more regularly" post.

but it can also be a little bit of a "pssst, tyler parker send the book back before i'm student teaching and it just sits on my desk for four months" post.

Mattbarry said...

those wired stories were fantastic. so wonderfully creative. the modern haiku. i love it.

i also love the idea of the dailie. i think i'm going to do it. i will. and then we can keep each other in check, no? i'll have one super awesome person to keep me in line, which would be fantastic!

whoo! thanks. you're the best. even though i never see your shining face, ever.