Sunday, January 17, 2010

dailies: 1/10-1/16.

dailies, dailies everywhere! in a perfect world, i could upload these more frequently than once a week. we'll see if i can pull that off sometime in the near future (which is to imply that i will have MORE time to blog during student teaching, a hilarious, hilarious joke), but for now, here's this past week's daily illustrations:

sunday, january 10th: "WOW dailies i've missed you."

monday, january 11th: "our computers can be friends like we are."

tuesday, january 12th: "occupying my hands doesn't prevent me from hyper-ventilating."

wednesday, january 13th: "good talks bring me closer to you."

thursday, january 14th: "keeping secrets almost makes me feel guiltier than telling them."

friday, january 15th: "'the planets are not aligned.' 'the planets hate me.'"

saturday, january 16th: "i really want to find my person."

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tidliwinx said...

So glad these are back. I love them in color....