Sunday, January 24, 2010

dailies 1/17-1/23.

hey, it's daily time! this week was hand-tastic, for whatever reason. sometimes it happens. i like hands.

sunday, january 17th: "imma dress like a grown-up."

monday, january 18th: "i hate feeling helpless."

tuesday, january 19th: "she really does know exactly how i feel."

wednesday, january 20th: "i didn't know you could fall in love this fast."

thursday, january 21st: "i like to think it's a mutual give and take."

friday, january 22nd: "the perfect fit: like goldilocks' bed, cinderella's glass slipper kind of perfect."

saturday, january 23rd: "i really need to start finishing my thoughts."

also, i just have to say that i love student teaching. WOW it's awesome. i am so busy, but i am so excited. wish me luck with my first lessons this week! and stay tuned for more dailies!

1 comment:

rafaelsoldi said...

lookin' good!!! I like Jan 22nd...
you're like "damn i look good!"