Sunday, January 10, 2010

welcome home: dailies 2010 happy new year MEGA-POST!

as promised to myself and the interwebs (possibly the more likely of the two to hold me accountable), i have restarted the daily illustrations for 2010, this time in full, glorious color. they're bigger (literally, 4-inch squares, instead of 3)! they're better (hopefully also a literalism)! and best of all, they're here! since we started the new year in the middle-ish of a week, today we have a super-bonus post with all the 2010 dailies thus far.

friday, january 1st: "nice to meet you, 2010."

saturday, january 2nd: "i didn't speak a single word aloud today."

sunday, january 3rd: "i forgot how lonely an empty house can be."

monday, january 4th: "mmm, tastes like BOTULISM."

tuesday, january 5th: "i made a plan for the whole day, and then didn't follow it at all."

wednesday, january 6th: "new york city is one giant photo op."

thursday, january 7th: "watched the two best pups wait exceedingly patiently for treats, only for the littler one to snatch them all up."

friday, january 8th: "cooking all of these things simultaneously blew a fuse in my kitchen."

saturday, january 9th: "getting things in the mail that i already opened on christmas is basically the exact same amount of exciting."

hooray dailies! i've missed you.


caro said...

they are WONDERFUL!!! i love them so much! do you feel happy about them? looking at them i feel like you seem much happier/more comfy about them!

who's that hottie next to you in the nyc daily? :)


Aisha K said...

Oh my goodness! I missed them too and am so happy to see their return!