Saturday, January 2, 2010

book sleuth mega-post: the rest!

happy new year! to ring in 2010, here are the rest of the book sleuth spreads, for the view from saturday, by e.l. konigsburg, a wrinkle in time by madeline l'engle, and the wednesday wars by gary d. schmidt.

the super-blitz is partially since the suspense has been sneaky-style alleviated-- i recently updated the real heart-sleeve studio with my recent work, book sleuth included. head over there now to see the updates!

in resolution-town, in an effort to keep things organized and catch-up on life (better late than never, right?), i have officially made the switch to both google chrome and mac osx snow leopard and so far, so good! i am also re-starting the dailies in a new form: each day will be based on a song i hear/listen to that day. hooray! even more exciting, these dailies are mixed media and full color. stay tuned to see the dailies burst back onto the scene in 2010! take care, everybody.

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a.i.m. said...

Hey Alissandra, are these published somewhere??? They are really wonderful! I saw your Harriet the Spy up in the 3rd floor Fox at one point, really nice! I love Harriet the Spy too.