Sunday, September 28, 2008

dailies 9/21-9/28.

more dailies, just like always. there are some big things on the horizon, including the debut of my thesis (finally finally), on which i am rounding the 1/3 point, which is pretty cool slash terrifying to think about. look for the first couple pages a little later this week!

sunday, september 21st: "fighting bad habits."
monday, september 22nd: "i've ruined myself for sleep."
tuesday, september 23rd: "a completely free, no-schedule-no-meetings day"
wednesday, september 24th: "i was at the built to spill concert, but my mind was somewhere else."
thursday, september 25th: "everyone ever to my rescue."
friday, september 26th: "not so much rising to the occasion."
saturday, september 27th: "i spent $192 today."

as the last daily details, i went to new york city yesterday, on a whirlwind 15-hour trip including transit, for mp3-experimenting and frivolous-spending. and, of course, rice pudding-ing (can you imagine anything more amazing than tiramisu-flavored rice pudding? the answer is no, you can't.) sigh. anyway, there will be legitimate things to come, and soon, i swear. try to swallow the platitudes i am shoveling at you until i give you something real to digest.

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