Thursday, June 5, 2008

too bad the stamps they sell at postal ops are dumb slash ugly.

as promised, here is the postcard set that i screenprinted. there are two "hi"-type cards, two "i miss you"-type cards, and two "you're swell"-type cards for all your postcard sending needs, all spoken by inanimate objects of sorts. clockwise, we've got a camera, a mountain (slash jello mold, according to one of my classmates--oops), a banjo, a coffee cup, a lamp, and a cupcake. yay!
i ended up screening 28 sets of these, though there were definitely some (read: many) casualties in the registration process. and besides, misregistered/streaky/flawed screenprints are part of the charm of the medium, yeah? sort of badly done or not, i like them, so i may revisit the idea for my extra-mega-bonus assignment(!!) that i am going to be able to squeeze in before the class ends next week, now that i suck less. i finished up another print yesterday, and, barring any sort of catastrophe, will square away my fourth (and last required) print tomorrow. rather than drag my feet on this last piece, i think i can squeeze one more print out of the class, while i still have access to the facilities. we'll see, but either way, keep an eye out for those other two at the very least coming up!

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