Sunday, June 15, 2008

dailies 6/8-6/14.

round two! i'm sleepy, slash, have to wake up earlyish tomorrow, so right to the point tonight.

sunday, june 8th: "i can't tell where my skin stops and my clothing begins."
monday, june 9th: "door swelled, frame did not."
tuesday, june 10th: "the 'last lots of things' day."
wednesday, june 11th: "i'll never know, really."
thursday, june 12th, : "the lurching pit of the stomach feeling minus the generally associated amusement."
friday, june 13th: "taking the survival of this bonsai as a personal challenge."
saturday, june 14th: "almost too many weird the same-ities."

sorry for the lack of frothy banter tonight. time for me to be asleep.

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