Monday, June 2, 2008

brought to you by the dolphin building.

i've spent the better part of the last eleven days of my life in the dolphin building (which, as it turns out, is named for the street it lives on, not for any other highly unlikely but far more exciting reason involving a mica patron that just happens to be a friendly water-dwelling mammal. i mention this only because i went to - and gave tours at - this school for two and a half years before i figured out why the hell the printmaking building was called the dolphin building, apparently because i'm very dumb.) moral of the story is that i have only not been there when eating (actually only sometimes true, as my morning yogurt and coffee is consumed daily in class), sleeping, or spending money on screenprinting things that i can't so much afford. there was also a highly fruitful trip to the book thing (baltimore's free book store slash best thing ever) in there somewhere, which yielded many a book that i had been eyeballing and/or longing desperately for, though it definitely did not help the "downsize your life to move next week" plan i have been trying to put into action. but enough about that.

the class is actually really great, as is the professor, whose face is screenprinted onto his apron (but in a good way, i promise). his music collection has remarkable overlap with mine, so the cds played in class sound like my ipod on shuffle. or what my ipod on shuffle would sound like if it weren't way busted. who knew ipods made the sad mr.yuk, x-ed out eyeball, tongue-lolling face when they were dead? not me until right now. anyway, the only "assignment" for the class was a four-plus color 11x14 traditionally editioned print of fifteen. following that we have two open assignments and an optional print exchange. it sounded more terrifying to do that much work in two and a half weeks before i, well, did some of it. here's my editioned print, "some things that can fly." at first it seemed like a weird instructional resource poster for second graders. so i added some things that in fact CANNOT fly, so the smart kids will know better and the awesome kids will throw their toasters out the window and see if it sprouts wings.

i've actually finished my second project as well (see above, re: every waking hour), a set of postcards with well-wishing inanimate objects on them, but i just finished xacto-ing all 28 times 6 of them apart, and am now too tired to find the nice ones for scanning and editing and uploading and etc. so later. plus, there's more suspense that way, right?

also, june 1st marked the first day of my weekly daily upload goal, which is to say that i plan on uploading my daily illustrations once a week, instead of just drawing them for five months and now knowing what to do with them after the fact *coughmerightnowcough*. i'm still working on what i might do with said five months. any brilliant ideas?

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