Sunday, June 8, 2008

PREMIERE: dailies 6.1.08-6.7.08.

at last, i have committed to uploading my dailies regularly, to avoid the "weird quasi-useless 5-month backlog" syndrome from which i am currently suffering. on june 1st (conveniently a sunday), i continued my regular daily illustration habit (one 3x3 inch square plus one sentence plus one color equals daily journal-diary-sketchbook-combo-platter for alissandra) but now, they will appear here once a week, instead of, well, appearing nowhere except the tiny tiny moleskines in which they are initially drawn. chronologically from left to right:

sunday, june 1st: "oops i'm a glutton."
monday, june 2nd: "i get an unfortunate number of good ideas in the shower."
tuesday, june 3rd: "i've grown too accustomed to actually having time."
wednesday, june 4th: "i think my pie really did trump her pie, amazingly enough."
thursday, june 5th: "i kind of love screenprinting, like a lot a lot."
friday, june 6th: "nothing like a healthy dose of 'running into your professor whom you like a whole lot at the liquor store' to simultaneously awkwardize and awesomize your evening."
saturday, june 6th: "i have too much crap."

i prefer the dailies with a little more volume to the forms (like these ones), but i'm not sure how practical the week-by-week method will be with that included. one step at a time! also, sorry to have still not uploaded screenprints three, four, or five, but they are still living in the dolphin building, as my final crit is tuesday, slash, i packed up my scanner (moving! tomorrow! awesome!) so i couldn't scan 'em anyway. soon soon. after that, i will be trying my hand at a new mystery project for the rest of the summer. and by mystery, i really mean i have no idea what it is yet.


Vanessa said...

I love the shower daily. Perfection!

traci said...

I'm partial to "time", but "too much crap" hits too close to home!

traci said...

me, I'm particularly fond of "time", but "too much crap" hits too close to home!