Monday, June 23, 2008

dailies 6/15-6/21.

here we have another week of dailies, also commemorating the start of the pre-college program, aka employment, for me for the next month. posts may be scarce since i will be high school student-ing like crazy as they take classes and explore baltimore via me, their tarc (short for the very long teaching assistant/resident counselor). so without further adieu:

sunday, june 15th: "moderating an insect war."
monday, june 16th: "i really, really need new shoes. like really."
tuesday, june 17th: "my susceptibility to fiction-induced wallowing i'll never fully understand."
wednesday, june 18th: "apparently, my reputation precedes me."
thursday, june 19th: "it's nice to know i'm not a mean drunk."
friday, june 20th: "i'm bad at being a girl."
saturday, june 21st: "here's to some optimism."

that's it for me tonight. like i said, don't take the inevitable lapse in communication as any sort of purposeful shun-- i'd really like to get some of my own work done during this next marathon-month, but i'm not sure fruitful it will really be. i will certainly be trying, and there will at the very least be weekly dailies updates, so it won't be a total blackout.

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