Sunday, June 29, 2008

dailies 6/22-6/28.

latest week of dailies here: pre-college is one week down, three to go, but is actually going really-super-mega-ultra well, so no complaints here. it also let me go see the sweet "ballyhoo!" poster show at the national portrait gallery yesterday, so that was even more awesome.

sunday, june 22nd: "the smile and high pitch mislead everyone."
monday, june 23rd: "i think i'm winning them over."
tuesday, june 24th: "speaking in front of an audience totally highlights your bad habits."
wednesday, june 25th: "i set a new standard for foot-in-mouthery today."
thursday, june 26th: "insulating myself from the opportunity for failure. and success."
friday, june 27th: "wasting time trying to anticipate problems doesn't make them go away."
saturday, june 28th: "he's performing stand-up without a mike whenever he opens his mouth."

that's it. i've hit a few speed-bumps (i.e. negative free time) trying to get some more personal work off the ground, so i'm trying to work out those details to have more to show soon. fingers crossed!

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