Sunday, December 28, 2008

dailies 12/21-12/27.

this is the last full week of dailies for 2008, and maybe forever? like i mentioned, i am planning a change of pace for next year. i only have like 3 days to figure out what that change is going to be, but it should still be a weekly upload sort of thing, so in any case you can see the first few next week!

sunday, december 21st: "i'm too anxious to focus on anything, let alone my daily."
monday, december 22nd: "i was mostly sitting all damn day but i'm still exhausted."
tuesday, december 23rd: "getting acquainted with my new home."
wednesday, december 24th: "my subconscious is mean."
thursday, december 25th: "WOW IT'S CHRISTMAS."
friday, december 26th: "not so skinny jeans but i like them anyway."
saturday, december 27th: "i am so not feeling the proverbial it right now."

i've nearly finished laying out the year of dailies for my upcoming show, so from here i have some major web updates to my site to make, as well as to my spring thesis. maybe there'll be things to show along the way. happy almost new year, everybody.

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