Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more things more things more things.

i've been doing things i swear! i'm actually much farther along than my blog indicates, i've finished all twelve tracks and fleshed them out as spreads with track and artist information on the left hand side. all i have to do is print them out, paint the cover, and construct the actual book, at what i imagine to be about 7", like vinyl ep size. which, i realize makes little to no sense since it's supposed to be a mixtape (emphasis on the tape) but the book is square to act like an insert booklet so whatever.

anyway, these are tracks eight and nine, the new pornographers playing "the bleeding heart show" and owen playing "a bird in hand." hooray! below that also is the hand-lettering for the track list, although it won't ever appear in the book this way, it will only appear opposite each page on a single-color background, so that your eye can rest at least a little somewhere in this book.

keep an eye out for the rest as i race toward the finish line, aka, christmas.


tidliwinx said...

I really like how this has turned out! Hope you get high marks for it...

rafaelsoldi said...

your titles turned out good!!