Tuesday, December 16, 2008

crypto-fun for everyone.

what says "finals hooray!" more than cryptozoology? nothing. here is my sequential final, a series of mildly educational comics for kids to learn about geography slash cryptozoology while befriending nice monsters like the yeti or nessie. digital! limited color! complementary palettes! ish! i'm still working out the digital kinks as i'm getting more and more comfortable working this way. they are designed to be a serial comic in the back of some kids magazine that would run geography comics. like national geographic kids, i guess.
in other news, i forgot to ever post my last comic before this one so that it on it's way... later. it's in color too! also, i dropped my computer today (can you say OH BALLS? because i sure can. and did. especially if "balls" is spelled with many more expletives.) so my keyboard's been a little wonky, typing unecessarily frequent and unwanted e's. THIS IS MY DISCLAIMER IN THE EVENT THAT THIS POST IS RIDDLED WITH E-RELATED TYPOS.


A. Nassner said...

This was my ultimate favorite comic you did!
I love your colors! x 39493849

rafaelsoldi said...

it turned out GREAT!!!

Matthew said...

ALISSANDRA! I figure that this will be easiest to contact you in the short spurts that I need to yell, 'HUZZAH!' at how wonderful you and your art work is.

Can we please,please, please go to Paris and plant with the gargoyles.

Basically, made my life.

The End.

P.S. You still owe me some homemade Alissanra schmeggegas.

P.P.S. You will receive your Christmas gift for New Years, as you don't go back to Maryland until, uh, the 18th?