Tuesday, December 23, 2008

better late than pregnant*: dailies 12/14-12/20.

*full disclosure: annie told me that she desperately wanted a way to casually work this into a conversation, and i cannibalized it for this post. sorry lady.

in case it snuck up on you like it did me, IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS WOW. and, apparently amidst the accidental shopping-on-the-last-weekend-before-the-holiday and the packing-to-go-to-a-home-i'd-never-actually-seen, the dailies update got lost in the shuffle. don't get the wrong idea, i still care about you! i don't want to disappoint - here they are for real right now let's go:

sunday, december 14th: "my brain is running amuck with an unusual number of fantasy sequences, zach braff style hopefully minus the dopey facial expression."
monday, december 15th: "the ends of things hit me more sharply than i would have guessed."
tuesday, december 16th: "it's impossibly disgusting outside."
wednesday, december 17th: "WHY AREN'T I ASLEEP RIGHT NOW."
thursday, december 18th: "i, ahem, hate my work."
friday, december 19th: "assigning unrealistic hopes where they don't belong."
saturday, december 20th: "and now for something completely different!"

in other news, i love my dailies, but i'm sort of sick of drawing myself every damn day, so i'm thinking about changing my approach for 2009. i have a lot of ideas, maybe something character-based like the hodgman-inspired "700 hoboes" or "700 molemen" projects (slightly related: i was reading his latest book "more information than you require" on my trip home yesterday and laughing out loud way too often not to be annoying, so read it! so we can spread awkward public laughter like the plague). anyway, ideas for things you would like me to draw 365 times - i would really appreciate any suggestions.

have a lovely, lovely holiday, everyone!

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