Sunday, January 4, 2009

the end of an era (or a year, whichever).

so i realize that i'm a few days behind on my happy new years sentiments. i got into the sunday-posting habit for my dailies, even though this week not only ended on a wednesday (when my happy new years-ing might've maintained some relevance), but also ended FOREVER. so here's the last of them:
sunday, december 28th: "i will watch anything and everything in marathon format."
monday, december 29th: "man i just love web-design."
tuesday, deceember 30th: "multi-tasking as if i actually needed to economize my time."
wednesday, december 31st: "nice to see you 2008, nice to meet you 2009."

as far as the new dailies are going, i have decided to treat them something like christopher david ryan's daily postings, which are a smorgasbord of illustration, design, photography, collage, etc. rather than choose one specific thing, i am going to do one mystery thing every day, be it a character illustration, a pattern, some hand-lettering, whatever. JUST AS LONG AS I DO SOMETHING. i haven't scanned the first few quite yet, so hold your horses.

only loosely related is the fact that, embracing the 'new' part of the new year, i revamped my website. the changes are largely in the portfolio department with my comics, but also (fingers crossed) in functionality as well. slightly more related is the fact that you will also find the first half of the 2008 dailies project (never before seen!) for those of you dutifully following them week to week, or just for anyone who's curious.

anyway, happy new years and all that. i'm a resolution-making sort of girl, so here's to 2009 being a fruitful one. also of note: the first book i read in the new year was the delightful "i was told there'd be cake" by sloane crosley. a collection of essays that read a little like sedaris channeling dorothy parker, i super-recommend it.


Tiff-uh-knee said...

Happy New Years!!

Melissa Anne said...

I started reading I Was Told There'd Be Cake and I superlove it.

Also, you have inspired me to start doing some dailies of my own.

alissandra seelaus said...

yay, thanks melissa! i'm glad to hear it. sloane is swell.