Monday, January 19, 2009

dailies week three: back in bmore.

this week was slightly less hiccup-y than the last with the new dailies formatting. all ink is definitely the way to go, i think. next challenge: color? baby steps, friends, baby steps. click for the big version, please!

in other news, i am back in baltimore, and was greeted by gloriously freezing temperatures (unlike usual, there is zero-percent sarcasm in that statement). it's mellowed since my arrival, though i imagine the two things to be unrelated, and now it's sitting nicely in the 30s. i wax poetically about the weather here because, while i imagine arizona has many redeeeming factors, not the least of which is my family that dwells there, the fact that the sun stupidly shines every damn day is not so much one of them. the moral of the story? i'm glad to be back.

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