Sunday, November 9, 2008

dailies 11/2-11/8.

an up and down, back and forth sort of week. here are some things:

sunday, november 2nd: "i hope that smelling phantom strawberry milk doesn't mean i have an olfactory brain tumor."
monday, november 3rd: "we're not competing but it still feels like i'm losing."
tuesday, november 4th: "way to go america--this is maybe the first time i'm proud to be a part of you."
wednesday, november 5th: "this daily was dancing between me and my dreams of a reasonable bedtime."
thursday, november 6th: "we were the only students who bothered to sing for her birthday."
friday, november 7th: "all my efforts to do her justice were wasted and we were just left trying to clean up the mess."
saturday, november 8th: "we were most definitely making a spectacle."

the end! i have nothing more to say.

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