Sunday, November 2, 2008

dailies 10/26-11/1.

closing out another month. two more to go! and then i don't know what-- maybe i just keep going until the end of time? i think yes.

sunday, october 26th: "we were walking to the same place at the same time in different worlds."
monday, october 27th: "i can't manage to do anything even remotely sneaky without it coming back to bite me in the ass."
tuesday, october 28th: "every door i passed open as i approached due to a) wind or b) poltergeists."
wednesday, october 29th: "i'm usually an epic failure at looking for things, but they didn't even try."
thursday, october 30th: "um, i can't do this by myself."
friday, october 31st: "you wouldn't even have known it was halloween from the night i had."
saturday, november 1st: "i can't believe i doubted the gravity of the situation and thought they were pulling a prank."

there are other things, but i will save them until later. the end.

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