Sunday, November 16, 2008

dailies 11/9-11/16.

a very sad and/or crazy week, i apologize in advance for the most grumbly nature of this week's dailies. some other things that are cool that i did not yet share: my newest comic is about an umbrella and i swear it's more interesting than it sounds, but it has some necessary finishing touches before i can float it out into the universe. so first things first:

sunday, november 9th: "i missed every single phone call i received today."
monday, november 10th: "i think we're all in this together."
tuesday, november 11th: "the day took a major nosedive post-delicious cup of coffee."
wednesday, november 12th: "venturing into question mark territory."
thursday, november 13th: "i may or may not be unreasonably paranoid, but either way, something's fishy."
friday, november 14th: "i've been compulsively listening to the same radiohead album for almost two weeks."
saturday, november 15th: "even the wonderful kind of large group outings make me anxious."

in other news, my sequential professor was threatening a pre-final final assignment that would force each of us to draw a comic that would confront our weakness, like a student who uses excessive expository dialogue to draw a silent comic, or in my case, to draw something not adorable. but then he decided to throw that out the window and instead, we're doing a youth-oriented comic, to which i say, in your face, non-adorable things. yeah!

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