Sunday, November 30, 2008

dailies 11/23-11/29.

so, because of thanksgiving break, this week of dailies makes me look exceptionally lazy, what with all the eating and lying around and all. but i did other things, like... online shop? and sleep some more. i got a fair amount of work done, especially in preparation for the upcoming mica art market (which it turns out, is showcasing one of my pieces on the front page? neat), where i will be selling silkscreened postcards and prints, a mini-comic (a tiny anthology of most of the comics i've been posting on here plus a little bit of extra-adorableness), and maybe buttons? or maybe not. we'll see, since that was not a part of the work that actually happened.

sunday, november 23rd: "i felt like i was moving in slow motion."
monday, november 24th: "that sandwich was unreasonably delicious."
tuesday, november 25th: "IMPULSE EVERYTHING TODAY."
wednesday, november 26th: "i finally saw fight club tonight, thank god for being anti-social."
thursday, november 27th: "i didn't think i cared much for cats."
friday, november 28th: "my feeble attempts at domesticity only manage to make me feel extra-uncomfortable."
saturday, november 29th: "i indiscriminately extra-love cranberry sauce."

anyway, if you're a baltimore-ish person, you should come out to the art market next next week, the 10th-13th. there'll be like 200 of us selling things, so it will be mighty. or, if you can't wait until then, on the 7th (aka a week from today), squidfire will be having it's annual art mart at the lyric opera house and i will be working like the dutiful intern that i am. hooray!

finally, i (gulp) finished my thesis today. well, lie. but i finished all twelve of the tracks, and am well on my way with the cover a few other odds and ends. so! more of those asap.


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