Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dailies 7/11-7/17.

the last week of the precollege program is here! students move out on saturday! i'm still alive! it's a good day, today.
sunday, july 11th: "the oil-water metaphor is a pretty accurate one.
monday, july 12th: "reinventing the changing of the guard."
tuesday, july 13th: "bracing for another fall."
wednesday, july 14th: "constantly running my mouth and being impatient: not a stellar combination."
thursday, july 15th: "we are cut from the same cloth."
friday, july 16th: "on automatic pilot."
saturday, july 17th: "i didn't buy a dress, but it was still a good day."

next week the dailies can return to their regularly scheduled sunday night time slot! have a great week, everybody.

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