Sunday, January 16, 2011

dailies 1/09-1/15.

i have been so busy enjoying my three-day weekend (happy birthday, mlk) that i almost forgot about dailies today! thanks to a lot of very positive feedback, i am feeling good about the new direction for the dailies this year. so let's take it away with week two!
 (sunday, january 9th)
  (monday, january 10th)
  (tuesday, january 11th)
   (wednesday, january 12th)
   (thursday, january 13th)
   (friday, january 14th)
  (saturday, january 15th)

if only every weekend were three days long, it actually feels like i have enough time to do all the things i need to do this week, which is a new feeling, let me tell you. yesterday i went to ikea to invest in another bookcase and then spent way too much time arranging and rearranging my books based on genre and aesthetic appeal (complementary spine color, height, etc.). obviously this is a very important task. but now our living room is enviable. have a great week, everybody! 

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