Sunday, January 23, 2011

dailies 1/16-1/22.

here are the week's dailies--- let's get right to it! 

 (sunday, january 16th)
  (monday, january 17th)
  (tuesday, january 18th)
  (wednesday, january 19th)
  (thursday, january 20th)
  (friday, january 21st)
 (saturday, january 22nd)

wow, what an awesome thing three-day work weeks are (thanks, snow day).  also, i've been making inexplicable racecar sounds all week. just ask annie. lastly, i have recently  discovered a) the entirely unlikely but totally delicious sandwiches at noodles & company and b) the wholly gratuitous "off the map" midseason replacement on abc. have a great week, everybody!


Mattbarry said...

hello times one billion and one!

Mattbarry said...

alissandra! i'm surprised with your choice...what would your students think!?

ahaha. i'm so going to draw 'horny hipsters hurry home'. just for you. and it will be glorious.

hope you're well and things are swell and stuffs.

alissandra seelaus said...

my students already think i'm a crazy person, so that's pretty much a done deal. plus! what a stellar visual: adorable mismatched young'uns stealing away through the night, holding hands and smiling dirtily into each others eyes, their breath pooling in the air around them as they trot towards a warm rowhome?

it practically draws itself.

glad your semester is shaping up well, yourself!