Sunday, August 21, 2011

dailies 8/14-8/20.

here we have the dailies from my last week of freedom before heading back to work tomorrow. i must say, i am quite proud of how much summer i squeezed into so few weeks: i realized i was in 4 different states within 4 days, not too shabby.

 (sunday, august 14th)
 (monday, august 15th)
 (tuesday, august 16th)
 (wednesday, august 17th)
 (thursday, august 18th)
 (friday, august 19th)
(saturday, august 20th)

though i have a tiny case of the sunday blues sneaking up on me, i am a little bit excited (shhhh just a little) to get back to my classroom and get off on the right foot this fall. have a great week everybody!

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