Monday, April 5, 2010

dailies: 3/28-4/3.

where have you gone, spring break?! i always have such grandiose intentions for my coveted free time, and somehow not everything fits. all i have to say at this point is, wow, easter monday is the greatest idea ever --- one more day to get everything squared away. in any case, here's how i spent my spring break:
sunday, march 28th: "i was never very good at juggling."
 monday, march 29th: "bye, motivation, bye!"
tuesday, march 30th: "i am so good at saying yes."
 wednesday, march 31st: "using other peoples' needs to distract me from my own."
thursday, april 1st: "no joke."
 friday, april 2nd: "NO END IN SIGHT."
saturday, april 3rd: "my cinematic debut, rated 'c' for 'conceptual.'"

see you next week, maybe sooner (ha, funny joke)! but, i do actually have a non-dailies post to make, so we'll see when/if that can happen. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.

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