Monday, July 18, 2011

dailies 7/10-7/16.

dailies coming at you from pre-college, week three! i just wrapped up a wildly successful nyc adventure that, while it was only 8 hours in the city, allowed me to check off all 5 things on my to-do list, plus a couple cool bonus things! let's get to it:
 (sunday, july 10th)
  (monday, july 11th)
  (tuesday, july 12th)
  (wednesday, july 13th)
  (thursday, july 14th)
  (friday, july 15th)
 (saturday, july 16th)

also, i am now slowly transitioning into a google+ existence, so check me out there, too! so far, i am a big fan.
i'm outta here to play some late-night (and therefore less sweaty/terrible) frisbee to my little heart's content! have a great week, everybody! 


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