Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nomadic playlist: the new pornographers' sweet talk, sweet talk

okay, so i can explain.

i finally received the nomadic playlist after a very long hiatus sometime last fall, and it sort of sat on my desk, taunting me as i wrote lesson plans day in and day out all year, until finally, spring break and the imminent threat of holding onto it for almost as long as my partner in crime had held it previously guilted me into completing this spread and sending it back on it's merry way.

it's to accompany the song "sweet talk, sweet talk" from the new pornographers' most recent album together which is awesome and who i was able to see perform live shortly before making said spread (a possible source of inspiration, who's to say).

i know i last promised i would be prompt with the posting, but, well... i don't have anything to say for myself except I'M SORRY WON'T YOU FORGIVE ME? hopefully i'll be able to knock another spread out during these lazy summer months (ahem, hinthint) if it comes back my way more swiftly this time. and if THAT happens, i super-extra-pinky-promise to share the goods. for real.


Tyler Parker said...

Why do I feel like this is somehow directed at me.

alissandra seelaus said...

of course officially, i have no earthly idea what you mean.