Sunday, March 21, 2010

dailies 3/14-3/20.

happy spring! the dailies are here and very excited for the lovely frolicking weather (just like me!). let's do it:
sunday, march 14th: "ask and ye shall receive! thanks, universe."
monday, march 15th: "still feeling out of sync."
tuesday, march 16th: "the flip of a switch and everything can change."
wednesday, march 17th: "singing too enthusiastically is probably just as dangerous as texting while driving."
thursday, march 18th: "everything i do i want to do forever."
friday, march 19th: "starting to make connections."
saturday, march 20th: "makes me want a dog more, not less."

just one more week until spring break! the next time you see (read?) me, i will be one happy lady. 

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