Sunday, November 7, 2010

dailies 10/31-11/6.

oh sweet jesus i love daylight savings time! it snuck up on me and totally rewarded me with a legit extra hour of sleep this morning. WHAT A GREAT PRESENT. 

 sunday, october 31st: "woke up from a saucy jon stewart dream lingering from an incredible yesterday."
 monday, november 1st: "turns out i have a on/off switch for rage."
 tuesday, november 2nd: "wow i'm the worst host ever."
 wednesday, november 3rd: "physically unable to get out of my warm, cozy bed."
 thursday, november 4th: "there's always something else."
 friday, november 5th: "snacking my way through every moment of the day."
saturday, november 6th: "me and television have a very satisfying relationship."

enjoy your extra hour, and have a great week everybody!

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