Sunday, October 31, 2010

dailies 10/24-10/30.

so the dailies this week were a little more like the "end of the week"-lies, but here they are!

 sunday, october 24th: "there's no such thing as too many sweaters."
 monday, october 25th: "a tiny reward at the end of the impossible."
 tuesday, october 26th: "let's just forget today was a thing."
 wednesday, october 27th: "time is the best present."
 thursday, october 28th: "HOW DO THEY ALL SUDDENLY KNOW WHO I AM"
 friday, october 29th: "consuming a kaleidoscope of terrible."
saturday, october 30th: "the crowds, sun, waiting, standing, hunger, and thirst couldn't touch the sheer amount of awesome that was the rally."

yesterday was an incredible, exhilarating, amazing time at the rally to restore sanity and/or fear. i got a sunglasses-shaped face tan and it took us almost 5 hours to get home, but it was nothing but worth it. i dreamed of jon stewart and his sexy sexy... smarts. mmm.

also, happy halloween! have a great week, everybody.

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