Sunday, October 10, 2010

dailies 10/3-10/9.

hi everyone--- it's sunday, which means it's dailies day! despite a string of truly heinous suckfests, there were enough nice moments for the sum of the week to end up in the plus column. yesterday i also went to see the new exhibition at the american visionary art museum, "what makes us smile?" which was great! it was great to be a real human for a hot second.

 sunday, october 3rd: "first cup of hot zeke's at the farmer's market means fall is really here."
 monday, october 4th: "practicing my literal and metaphorical tiptoeing."
 tuesday, october 5th: "hey, everyone: you're nice."
 wednesday, october 6th: "losing focus."
 thursday, october 7th: "OH SHIT OVERSLEPT"
 friday, october 8th: "reclaiming some semblance of a personal life."
saturday, october 9th: "just because is my new favorite holiday."

i also snagged a whole bunch of new tunes this week, so here's a link to give ben fold's collaboration with nick hornby (author of high fidelity, about a boy, etc) a listen: from above, off the new album 'lonely avenue'. have a good week, everybody!

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