Sunday, October 3, 2010

dailies 9/26-10/2.

it's time for the dailies, and also DID YOU NOTICE THAT FALL IS FINALLY HERE?! i'm so jazzed for sweaters and scarves and boots and leggings and everything wonderful. i went to the farmer's market this morning and got to order my first cup of hot zeke's--- a turning point, to say the least.

 sunday, september 26th: "the synergistic aftermath: i think i'm smarter when i'm with her."
monday, september 27th: "still riding the high from a stellar weekend."
 tuesday, september 28th: "are growing pains still a thing when you're 23?"
 wednesday, september 29th: "a sudden surge of ideas."
thursday, september 30th: "i bought breakfast at on the hill to save myself from a sad continental breakfast that turned out to be catered by xs."
 friday, october 1st: "i made a new buddy based on our mutually unlikely appreciation for expletives."
saturday, october 2nd: "got lost and found my childhood street address hiding in the bowels of baltimore."

have a great week, everybody--- bundle up!

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