Sunday, September 26, 2010

dailies 9/19-9/25.

hi sunday, hi dailies. i don't know if you heard, but this weekend was official BE A REAL HUMAN weekend. maybe you're familiar with such a thing. as such, i have a very long to-do list to tackle, but with a renewed sense of positivity and good cheer. you simply cannot have a day as lovely as my yesterday and feel anything but warm and happy and satisfied. thanks sara, andrew, and company. now on to the dailies:

 sunday, september 19th: "achieving a tenuous balance."
 monday, september 20th: "sweet jesus i love tv."
 tuesday, september 21st: "starting things in motion."
 wednesday, september 22nd: "i guess it's kind of okay to ask for some help sometimes."
 thursday, september 23rd: "cross off two, add five."
friday, september 24th: "i had to use my serious face. i mean really serious. too serious to show you here serious."
saturday, september 25th: "perfect pair, perfect love, perfect day."

have a great week, everybody--- i know i plan to!

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