Sunday, September 5, 2010

dailies 8/29-9/4.

welcome to the dailies from THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!! whoa:
sunday, august 29th: "hyperventilate or vomit or both?"
monday, august 30th: "it's official: i have a classroom and students and everything."
 tuesday, august 31st: "round one against the copier and i emerge victorious."
wednesday, september 1st: "to hot to stay a solid."
thursday, september 2nd: "stuck at the corner of 'mixed signals' avenue and 'wait, what?' boulevard."
friday, september 3rd: "that's what i get for making an exception."
saturday, september 4th: "my maiden pedicure voyage was a rousing success."

happy three-day weekend, everybody! i love that the universe gave me a bonus day to recover after my first week of teaching, whew! yesterday was a totally work-free day to relax with wonderful friends, eat good food, drink great sangria, and stare at my shiny shiny toenail polish, thanks to a lovely spa afternoon for sara's bachelorette party! 

stay tuned for more classroom adventures; they are bound to fill the pages of my daily books from this point forward. have a great week, everybody!

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