Sunday, September 19, 2010

dailies 9/12-9/18.

dailies dailies dailies---- go go go! got lots of things to DO today. so let's get started:

sunday, september 12th: "i sort of start am to liking this." 
monday, september 13th: "par-ent! phone-calls! clap-clap-CLAPCLAPCLAP."
tuesday, september 14th: "i can't get started."
wednesday, september 15th: "as if my plate weren't full enough--- good going, self."
thursday, september 16th: "i got a little too into my demonstration today."
friday, september 17th: "scarf and sweater weather YESSSSSSSS."
saturday, september 18th: "broke a mirror, then papercut one hand and burnt the other. coincidence?"

tomorrow starts the first full week of school since the year started. what am i gonna do with myself?! have a good week, everybody.

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