Sunday, October 17, 2010

dailies 10/10-10/16.

it's time for the dailies, and then it's time to do so many things! a professional development, no student friday lulled me into a false sense of free time that i am now catching up on so here we go!
 sunday, october 10th: "striving for balance."
 monday, october 11th: "get it together, self."
 tuesday, october 12th: "SO EARLY."
 wednesday, october 13th: "a simultaneous stress and release."
 thursday, october 14th: "not a sustainable pace."
 friday, october 15th: "now i'm more confused, not less."
saturday, october 16th: "i almost cried when they played 'the bleeding heart show.'"

the "long" weekend did allow me to go see the new pornographers live yesterday night which was basically incredible. watch the pretty adorable video for "crash years" off their new album together, and have a good week!

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