Sunday, November 14, 2010

dailies 11/7-11/13.

another week of dailies coming at you! i installed my students' first big art exhibition this week, and it looks pretty great, if i do say so myself. i'll be sure to document the opening this thursday and post some shots of my adorable middle schoolers.

 sunday, november 7th: "dodging my responsibilities."
 monday, november 8th: "preparing for a week on automatic pilot."
 tuesday, november 9th: "bring on round 3."
 wednesday, november 1oth: "and here i thought i was no good at marathoning."
 thursday, november 11th: "if teachers got paid overtime, i would be a millionaire."
 friday, november 12th: "slowly scoring points."
saturday, november 13th: "closing the curtain on work and taking a sacred saturday."

that's it! have a great week everybody!

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