Monday, May 31, 2010

dailies 5/23-5/29.

oops, the dailies are a tiny bit late this week! not having my life scheduled within an inch of itself has led me to take a few too many liberties, apparently. back on track next week, for sure! here they are:
sunday, may 23rd: "trying my hand at growth again."
 monday, may 24th: "all the things she couldn't say."
tuesday, may 25th: "the most adorable dinner party ."
wednesday, may 26th: "standing still, eclipsed."
thursday, may 27th: "making poor use of my newly free time."
friday, may 28th: "helping me feel like i could call this city home."
saturday, may 29th: "do you really mean the things you say?"

as an important aside: i have purchased a basil plant and kept it totally alive for the past nine days! if you've ever met me, or heard the unfortunate fates of any of the other green things i've owned (accidental cooking and inside-out rotting, hooray!), this is quite an accomplishment.

also, i have discovered a new way to display my dailies that does not involve frames or mats (two things i very much don't like). stay tuned for their big debut! sometime soon. have a great abbreviated week (thanks memorial day!).


kate-a-rito said...

you'll call it home when you live in my neighborhood, until then, I am thankful you did not chose to depict my manic make shift park job ON mt royal avenue! ! !
Can't wait to go back to Zeke's with you!

alissandra seelaus said...

haha, don't think it didn't cross my mind... but i decided to focus on the adorable part (instead of the slightly-illegal part) of the adventure! totally jazzed for round two.