Sunday, May 23, 2010

dailies 5/16-5/22.

salutations! or at least, hi friends! now that i have finally procured my master's degree, i imagine i have to use fancy talk all the time. or something. i'm just excited to be able to finally wrap up the all sorts of loose ends that i have accrued throughout the course of student teaching. whew! what an incredible, wonderful journey this has been. but enough of that, let's get to the dailies!
sunday, may 16th: "audible anxiety."
monday, may 17th: "wow, thank you, so much."
tuesday, may 18th: "how encouraging that our conversation did not hinge on art ed."
wednesday, may 19th: "i woke up with a children's book in the front of my brain."
thursday, may 20th: "getting back to productive."
friday, may 21st: "issuing countless thank yous."
saturday, may 22nd: "i wish i could title work like she can: accomplishing what my dailies attempt."

here's to a renewed sense of focus, with a shiny, new, and slightly more flexible schedule (for now). have a great week!

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