Sunday, May 9, 2010

dailies 5/2-5/8.

ohmigosh only one day of student teaching left! WHOA THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE. now it's time to install my students' work in the commencement exhibition and OH YEAH GRADUATE ALSO. so soon! wow wow wow okay here are the dailies!

sunday, may 2nd: "accomplishing all sorts of unnecessary things."
monday, may 3rd: "a serendipitous run-in."
tuesday, may 4th: "tiny actions, giant results."
wednesday, may 5th: "tying up loose ends."
thursday, may 6th: "a nearly imperceptible haircut still makes me feel like a million bucks."
friday, may 7th: "an unexpected real life superhero."
saturday, may 8th: "building a tiny family of purposefully mismatched mugs."

all right back to work! see you next week. also, congrats to all the mica grads of 2010! can't wait to see the commencement show.

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