Sunday, May 16, 2010

dailies 5/9-5/15.

full disclosure: this week, the dailies WERE NOT COMPLETED ON A DAILY BASIS. after a long, long LONG final week of student teaching, and a thirteen-hour marathon showcase installation, i am DONE and graduate tomorrow! i can't quite believe it (slash) i'm so excited!
if you are in baltimore, check out the amazing commencement show and see my students' work on the 2nd floor of the fox building at mica.

sunday, may 9th: "OH GOD i purchased everything i ate today."
monday, may 10th: "josh ritter added my favorite song to his set MAYBE BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY"
tuesday, may 11th: "i was on the brink of losing control all day."
wednesday, may 12th: "ignoring how much work i had to do and taking the time to celebrate her was so, so worth it."
 thursday, may 13th: "knowing is always better than not knowing."
 friday, may 14th: "creating and instant and unnecessary void."
 saturday, may 15th: "my here family finally getting to meet my everywhere family."

also, my josh ritter obsession has only gotten worse since i saw him live on monday. if you haven't yet, check out his new album, "so runs the world away," streaming live over at npr. 
hooray! see you next week.

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